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Saturday, January 25, 2003

Photo Friday

Challenge: Children's Toys

Thursday, January 23, 2003

I need motivation...

I was planning to come to school today to do some studying because I have 2 quizzes tomorrow, but time and time again, my laziness always gets the best of me. I even set my alarm clock at 7 AM but actually got up at 10:30. I love the snooze button! I hate Thursdays when I don't have labs. It's a complete waste. And my prof finally moved the Tuesday lecture to Wednesday, so yay! I finally have Tuesdays free! Which only makes sense because only about 20% of the class (we have approx. 80 students) show up. Mostly the rez students since they don't have to commute. We actually had a vote yesterday, and sure enough, the rez people voted to leave it as is, while the people who have to commute voted to move it to Wednesday. It was pretty close but we won! I think the rez ppl were sort of pissed because they want a break on Wednesdays because we have lectures and tutorials for 6 hours straight. Well, try commuting 1.5 hr and back for an hour class, that's all I have to say. It wouldn't have mattered anyway, since I still would skip those lectures had they not changed it at all.

Ha! All I talk about is school. You must think I'm a big nerd. I wish! I really wish I had brains. Like my friend, Irene. She's so friggin smart. And she's a year younger than us because she fast-tracked in high school. And she has a twin who is also smart, who is in the same program but he didn't fast track so he's in 2nd year. My brother is not even smart, but I love him, though. It's true, I love my brother but he probably doesn't know that. We always fight but hey, that's what brothers and sisters do, right?

I have a xanga site, and my screenname is sort of similar to my blogspot name. I rarely post there because it's full of teeny boppers who only talk about how they hate life and their parents (ha ha... I used to be like them, but I grew out of that phase), and they post their best pictures saying "look at me, I am so beautiful!"

Anyway, time to start my homework. bye!

Monday, January 20, 2003

I like it, you like it... I love it, you love it... You want it, I got it... There's no need for you to be afraid...

You know my days off are useless? I stay up late the night before doing n-o-t-h-i-n-g, so I sleep in until 2 PM and just waste my day. Like tonight I know I will be sleeping late because it's almost midnight and I haven't started any homework that I set myself to do. And tomorrow, guess what? I will be doing the stupid Economics problem set. I cannot stress enough how much I hate that course and the prof. Okay, I understand that in every course we are expected to read ahead, but who does that anyway? Nobody, except for the keeners. What's unfair is giving a quiz based on a topic that hasn't been discussed. ARggghhh... I hate him. Our class failed the last quiz because the quiz was on the lecture after the quiz. If that's not enough to hate the prof, we have to e-mail him at leasat 7 times each week! Twice for our press reviews, twice for the problem sets, twice for our problem set marks, and once for our quiz mark. I HATE HIM!!!

Last weekend was a complete waste. It was too cold to go out. Well, I guess I still could've if I really wanted to. It's just that I'm so sick of driving my friends around. Everytime we go out it is always expected that I drive, and they rarely offer money for gas. I wouldn't take it anyway even if they offer, but they don't, and it still would be nice if they offer. I don't really mind if I drive but everytime we go out, I hate having to pick up 4 people because first of all, it's a waste of time and gas, and secondly, most of the passengers are just tag-alongs. That's another thing that irritates me when I'm driving. One of my friends would decide to invite someone they know, and even if we're almost at our destination (and sometimes when we are already at our destination), they would ask me if I could pick that person up.

And I have issues with my friend, Christina. She always criticizes my driving. By the way, I have a clean record, and she does not! Anyway, she always drives her cult friends around, but whenever she goes out with us, her car is always mysteriously broken. And she doesn't hide the fact from us that she hates driving but if she really doesn't want to drive, then why the hell is she willing to drive 200+ kilometres when it is her cult-err--church friends that she is driving? I wish she didn't have double standards. I remember the time when she had to drive some of us home, and I could sense that she was kind of annoyed. Later that night, or should I say, later that morning, she woke me up at 4 AM because she got locked out of her house. It turned out that after driving us home, she drove all the way to Brampton because she wanted to talk to her "best"-friend (from the cult). Isn't that why the telephone was invented?

So enough complaining. Tonight, I'm going to attempt 2 questions from the RXNs problem set before going to bed. I have to. Tomorrow is Economics Day. I hate Economics, but I think I've already mentioned that.


I think I'm going to marry a Justin. I've never dated a guy named Justin, though. But I almost did... with 4 different Justins. I think I'm destined to be with a guy named Justin. And here are 4 reasons why...

1. Justin V This guy is the biggest asshole I know. I rarely talk to him anymore... let me rephrase that... I don't talk to him anymore and I don't really care if I'll never have the chance to talk to him again. He is selfish, manipulative, a user, and a liar. I don't know why women are attracted to him. He's not good-looking, but I guess he has a way of making a woman feel special. Having said that, I'm not really sure if he really wanted to date me after all. I was in Grade 12 when we became close. Actually, he was close with my best friend, Sarah, and she sort of had feelings for him. The whole situation is very complicated. Justin's friend, JG liked me, and Justin was after this girl SC for the longest time. Justin told Sarah that he was worried about JG and blah blah blah... and it wasn't the right time now that he's getting with SC and blah blah blah... I think if it wasn't for SC, I would've at least tried to get him. SC and I became friends because of JG and she was sort of like my big sister. There was more to the whole thing but in the end, Justin cheated on SC, Sarah felt used by Justin, JG and Justin remained friends despite the fact that they secretly hated each other, and me... well, I just realized what a big asshole Justin really was.

2. Justin S I met this guy in first year and I thought he was really cool. I was kinda hesitant to include him here, because I'm not really sure if he was interested. I remember him inviting me to go out, you know, just to hang out outside of school, but it was always the wrong time. The worse part it, I always found an excuse not to hang out. I guess he got tired of it so he stopped. I really thought he was just being friendly, but a friend of mine, JC, told me otherwise. I don't know how he knows, but JC is sort of the gossip king who knows everything that is going on. And then it started to make sense. But nooo.. maybe he was just being friendly, after all, he is a friendly person. Maybe it's a question mark for him because I'm not really sure.

3. Justin R This guy is one of my guy-friends. What happened between us a year ago is something that everyone knows but they dare not say anything. Why? Because at that time, he was in a 4-yr relationship. They're still going strong and I want to kick myself sometimes for almost destroying what they have. The girl is even my friend! I'm going to hell for sure. I don't know if she knows, but if she does, she sure is letting me go easy. So I hope for her sake that that little fling remains hush hush.

4. Justin ? The Helium guy. He was in the same first-yr class with me and when I saw him at this club, I made it my mission to at least dance with him. Well, I got what I wanted... and more. It was probably one of the dumbest things I've done. We see each other at school in computer labs and around school, but I always try to avoid him. I'm sure he's doing the same thing. I hope he didn't tell his friends. Oh god, I hope he didn't!

Thursday, January 16, 2003

I'm so tired...

I'm supposed to be studying for an Economics quiz, but whatever. I missed the quiz last week because the freaking bus was too freaking slow. So tomorrow I'm taking the GO train and I don't care if it's more expensive than TTC. TTC sucks. I can't depend on it anymore.

I saw KN on my way home yesterday. We got on the same subway car and she tapped my shoulders as I was grabbing a seat. Usually I would feel uncomfortable talking to people from my high school but with her, it was just so nice to talk to her again and catch up. She really is a nice girl. I didn't really like her friends in high school because one of them was such an airhead, but that's a different story. It's true what KN said, you know... that we're growing up so fast but we feel like we're missing out on all the supposedly "university experience" that you see on TV--house party every weekend, clubs and activities everyday, the dorm/sorority house sharing--all of that, and oh yeah, of course school. But on TV, school seems to take a backseat to all those things mentioned. For me, I have no time to join a club, and no matter how I want to be involved in school activities, I just can't seem to get my schedule together because it's such a hassle to have to commute everyday. Sigh. Don't believe everything you see on TV.

Anyway, today we had an 8-hr lab, and it was really fun! I was surprised that labs could be this much fun. Except for the quiz part and the Q&A with the TA. Our group and this other group who was working beside us decided that we order from this Japanese restaurant down the street. Why not? It was free-delivery. I ordered Teriyaki Chicken, and it was so good! I know I have to be tight with my budget, but this does not happen all the time. That was a change from the hotdogs and fries and soup that I buy from the cafeteria. I took some pictures while in the lab because we were just that bored.

Hey you two... get back to work!

My groupmates and our lab... Packed Distillation... not exciting, I'm tellin' ya! But it was fun just running around...

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Wasting time away...

Since it's the first week, our prof (the cute one :) ) told us that tutorial today is cancelled. This sucks. I have nothing to do for 2 hrs. Some people in my class are preparing for their labs next week. I should do that, too, but some of my group members are in the environmental option, so they have class right now. But it's okay, at least I get to blog, right?

I just had the class with the cute prof, Materials. I swear I have to work harder in that class because it's really hard to concentrate with such a handsome man standing in front of the class all the time. I think I want to marry him. Ha ha ha. I'm still trying to convince JC to take a picture of him during class because he has a camera with a powerful zoom (10x) so we can sit in the back and just shoot away! I'm so giddy just thinking about him!

Our marks were finally posted this morning. Mmmm.. I think they're okay, I should be happy that I passed everything considering I failed or almost failed all my midterms, except maybe for Stats. But when I kinda felt bad when I was comparing my marks with other people because I know some guys who didn't do shit last term and they ended up with marks higher than me. That is not fair! I really have to work extra hard this term. Sigh. I'm just thinking of all the work I did last term and maybe I slacked off a bit, but still, I think I deserved better marks.

I was pretty surprised I didn't do that badly on Mass Transfer. I was failing the labs and the midterm was sooo bad. For Reactions, too. I failed the midterms, so I guess my mark for that is reasonable. But it's just for Stats. That was my best midterm and we had to do a lot of work in that class. The assignments were horrible, but I did all that work for such a bad mark. Argghh.... And it's so hard to hate the prof because he's really nice to me, although most of the people in my class hate his guts. But I like him, I think he's one of those professors who sincerely care for their students and their learning.

I think I should start reading the lab manual now because I heard our group's lab next week is really long! Yikes! 8 hours in the lab, wish me luck!

Monday, January 06, 2003

I'm scared...

First day of classes today. My schedule is alright, everything is packed but I have Tuesdays off. Well, almost. I have a class from 5-6, but I think I'll be skipping that class every week unless there is some group project that we have to work on for the whole day. All the other days of the week are really hectic, but that's okay as long as I get a day off (almost).

I was late for my 9AM class today because the stupid bus was so slow. Sep. Process seems okay, but the lab portion of this course really scares me. I only have to write the report once but since I'm the fourth member of my group, it means that I have to write it near exam time, which is okay I guess. Some people are handing in their report so early, like next week! Sucks to be them. Honestly, that lab scares me! I really have to work hard and I can't slack off like I did last semester. I really have to be prepared before coming in for the labs because the supervisor, Paul, doesn't let you perform the lab unless you've proven to him that you know the background of the experiment. And the theoretical background is really some serious stuff, I don't know if my poor brain can handle it. The worst part is one member of our group may leave us since he's worried that he failed last semester. So that might leave us with only 3 students in our group.

The second class seems okay, Materials Sci, as my prof likes to call it. He's so hot! I became speechless the minute he walked in. And I bet all the other girls in my class were the same. Those eyes! They just make you, hmm.. what's the word I'm looking for? I don't know man, you just have to see him. Hey maybe I'll take a picture of him. Hope he doesn't catch me.

The third class seems to be the hardest out of all my courses this term. Process D&C. Ewwww. I remember first year Process and how I barely passed the course. Process was my worst nightmare, and to think that I have to take another course just like it, it really makes me very very afraid and scared. Well, I don't think it's exactly going to be the first year Process course. This one is more on the "computing" side of process. Today during the tutorial (right after the lecture), we were introduced to MATLAB. It's funny how other engineering students have been using MATLAB since first year, and we Chems are only starting to use it in 3rd year.

Finally, last class of the day, Economics. I don't know why we need to learn a business course. Our prof said it's probably the most useful course in our 4 years of university. Okay, whatever. I hope he's right because his class is BORING. Probably because he's from the Mech/Indy Department, I don't really know. Ugh, I just hate that class. We are required to summarize a newspaper article (finance related) and hand it in at the beginning of each class (we have 2 each week) and he randomly chooses 5 students to present what they have. On top of that, we have 2 problem sets to hand in each week. This is just too much work for one class. And it's only Economics for crying out loud. It's not even a real engineering course!

There's still another course and that one starts tomorrow, and I'll be skipping it because it's not worth commuting 3 hours in total for a class that is only an hour long. I know I shouldn't really be skipping but it's only the first class. Sigh. I guess that's it for now...

Saturday, January 04, 2003

Sick... again

Yes, I'm sick again. The last time I felt like this was when the day before my RK exam. I thought it was only anxiety, but I can't blame this one on anxiety, what is there to be anxious about? The beginning of 2nd term? I can't believe school starts on Monday! I'm proud of myself, though. I only spent around $30 this holiday break. I didn't do any Christmas shopping, and I didn't go to any expensive restaurants. I tried to eat dinner at home before going out for the night. And I only used the car when there was enough gas to last me for the whole day.

I was feeling better yesterday morning, but I had to drive to the dentist yesterday afternoon in the freakin' snowstorm. I got stuck in the snow and I had to shovel the snow behind the front wheels so I get through. No wonder I'm sick. It's all that shoveling in the cold. Damn you, snow! I hope JA is not mad at me for bailing out on our plans for tonight. I know I always tell her how we don't see enough of each other ever since we started university, and now that we finally have plans I have to cancel because of my stupid cold. I'll try to make it up to her, I promise. Actually I'm sort of relieved that I don't have to spend money tonight, because I'm so broke! I had to get money from my credit card to pay the minimum payment on my credit card bill. That's how broke I am. I don't want to ask my dad for money because I'm going to ask him for money for textbook later.

And there's this annual dinner-dance on January 18th and I promised my friends from school that I would go, but now I don't know... I want to, but I need $$$.

This song is stuck in my head...

Cause it's nobody else's but mine
Ah you're in my heart
I can feel your beat
And you move my mind
From behind the wheel
When I lose control
I can only breathe your name